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  • "I decided to purchase the services of Standard to get more exposure. I was very satisfied with the level and type of service I received. I had one Realtor bring me a buyer since listing with Standard and I am now waiting for the closing date after 2 months of listing. I would definitely recommend this service to another seller. Its great to have the tools of the Realtors and continue to sell it ourselves without paying 6%. I would do it again in a heartbeat."

  • "You really have a great service here. If you just do a little more marketing, you're going to get more business than you can handle."

  • "Our house had an accepted offer in four days after we listed our home on MLS with Standard Realty. There were no hidden fees or catches. Most importantly, Standard Realty saved me several thousands of dollars because we were able to cut out the sellers agent in the transaction of my home. Matt was readily available by telephone or email to answer all of my questions. Standard Realty provided all of the necessary paperwork for the sale and an attractive yard sign. Working with realtors is typically a stressful endeavor. That was not the case with Standard Realty. Matt and his team were low pressure and were very knowledgeable. I have referred several friends to Standard Realty, and all of them have appreciated Matt's honesty -- and have listed their homes with his company. My wife and I will definetly use Standard Realty in the future. We posted our home on Craigs List and JS online prior to listing with Standard Realty. We did not receive serious interest until we listed with Standard

  • Paying $250 for the services provided by Standard Real Estate was definitely money well spent. Standard's process was easy and fast. After filling out minimal paperwork, they took pictures of our house and listed it on the most trafficked web sites, including the MLS, within a day. Additionally, they supplied us with a "For Sale" sign, and offered us advice during the sales process. Most importantly, we received an offer, which we ultimately accepted, just three days after listing the property. I would highly recommend Standard Real Estate Services to anyone considering selling their own home."

  • The price for an MLS listing was very competitive compared to other listing services. This company was also local and I wanted to deal with someone familiar with the area. Excellent service. Matt provided fast and professional service. He was willing to work with some very detailed instruction that I provided to him. He fully explained the listing process, market analysis, and online sites. I received more interest and inquiries since listing with Standard than with the marketing I could only do myself. Standard provides more coverage and web listing for a lot less money. I would highly recommend this service. It’s very easy and it’s a quick and inexpensive way to get a quality listing online. Matt is willing to answer any questions and is very pleasant to work with. This is an attractive alternative for sellers versus hiring a traditional Realtor or selling strictly by owner. It’s a happy medium between the two. I suggest starting with this type of service. You can always move towards

  • I really do think that you did a great job for us! You were very responsive, supportive, you know your stuff, and you offered us a great price! Not to mention that you re instilled some faith for me in the realty business as a whole, either that or you are an exception to the rule- a professional in the field whose ethics make it apparent that you put the best interest of your client above your own! I highly recommend your services to any homeowner interested in selling.

  • Your service is great!! I am sure I will be using your services in the future!

  • Best decision I made was to use the flat fee MLS to sell my home! I offered a reduced commission for a buyers agent at the advice of Matt with standard real estate. I sold my condo and 12 days! In today's market I would recommend to all of my friends to try standard real estate and flat fee MLS! Thanks again Matt

  • We were contacted by Matt Trenkle to list our home on the mls. He spent quite awhile explaining the process to us as sellers. We also enlisted Matt to help us with additional paperwork when we had 2 potential buyers. His timely response, communication and realtor expertise were well worth the cost. We would recommend using Matt for anyone interested in selling their home on their own. He took any uncertainty we had regarding the selling process and made us feel at ease. Thank you for a wonderful experience.

  • Great service to use if you are looking to save some money! Glad we did!

  • I would highly recommend using Standard. Getting my listing up and running was a quick and smooth transaction, and I had two showings the day after my home was listed. Two days later I had an accepted offer

    Jamey Rappis
  • Matthew Trenkle recently listed a vacant lot for us. We found the process to be very simple as we were guided by his team. We received a great amount of activity and were able to sell our lot in an efficient time period. His pricing/cost is very competitive and we would definitely use Matthew again

    Karen Knox
  • i would like to thank you for your assistance, directions and suggestions, your Professionalism and Expertise. You were a delightful pleasure to work with. I would, and do presently, recommend you and Standard Real Estate to anyone and everyone I come in contact with, who is in need of the services you offer! I will certainly continue to speak positively about my positive experience with you!"

    John Windrift
  • "I just wanted to write a note documenting the fact that I was very pleased with your service and professionalism. As an owner looking to sell my home, the options that you presented to me were extremely helpful as well as timely. I believe utilizing your flat-fee service is an excellent choice for people looking to sell their homes themselves, and I have already noticed an increase in exposure in the week's time it has been on the MLS. I appreciate the fact that you recognized how your service fit my needs and you were persistent in explaining the options I had and following through with the ads on the websites. Thanks again, and I will definitely recommend your service to those looking for assistance in the real estate industry."

  • Again, thanks for all your help! Doing business with you has been great, you've been available for questions and concerns and I have felt very at ease with selling my home without an agent thanks to you. We won't even mention the money that I have saved by using your service. Keep up the good work and I will send any business your way that I can.

  • "I just want to let you know how much I appreciate having my home advertised on the internet through the M.L.S. listings. I’ve gotten more results since I went with you than I had putting an add in the newspaper. I especially like the pictures you took of the inside of the home. Without the pictures a buyer looking at the listing wouldn’t see how much work went into the remodeling of the various rooms. Once again I am very pleased that I hired you to market my home.